Organic Houjicha

  • very low theine level
  • antioxidant, digestive and energizing
  • rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron

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Houjicha, also known as Hojicha, comes from the roasting of Bancha or sometimes Sencha green tea leaves.

In macrobiotics it is generally considered a warming green tea, recommended on humid and cold days, suitable for people with delicate intestines or during flu or seasonal illnesses.

Thanks to this further process in the processing of the leaves, unlike Bancha tea, Hojicha does not have theine, since roasting completely eliminates it.

It is a tea suitable for everyone, even children.

Houjicha is prepared from late season tea leaves, after picking, the leaves are immediately processed. What makes Houjicha tea unique from the ensemble of Japanes green teas is the roasting process. It produces an amber color as well as great taste.

The fragrance of this tea is heavenly, permeating any ambience.

It’s low caffeine content makes it suitable for everyone.

Organic Houjicha is special type of Japanese tea – distinct for its roast in the final stage of its preparation. In the skilled tea farmers hands, the Organic Houjicha has an exquisite, mild roasted flavor. It’s high on sweet notes and leaves a tangy aftertaste. Houjicha is the epitome of instant gratification.

You would be reminded of good quality Oolong when drinking our Organic Houjicha.

  • 100 grams (3.5 ounces)
  • Makes approximately 45 to 50 servings of tea