Organic Superior Sencha

  • rich in antioxidants
  • detoxifying and draining abilities
  • contains a little quantity of caffeine

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Sencha tea is the most common among Japanese teas: it accounts for almost 80% of the national tea production and is by far the most appreciated by the inhabitants themselves. Sencha tea has a harmonious taste, between astringent and sweet.

The leaves are a beautiful dark and bright green and have a needle shape. The color of the liquid can vary from golden yellow, which tends to green, up to a very intense green, which in any case remains transparent, not opaque.

Sencha tea is a low theine tea.

This Organic Sencha has a unique mild taste that conjures a wonderful impression of very green and freshly picked spring green tea leaves.

A soft astringent aftertaste appears after the liquid begins to cool. This is a classic light, clean, refreshing, slightly sweet tasting Sencha Japanese tea with floral notes permeating the after taste. There is no change in the taste or emergence of bitterness.

Sencha is packaged in limited quantities, this is because it is harvested only once a year. It’s harvested during spring and then immediately packaged.

Sencha is the first-picked tea in the year, which results the taste of the freshness and quality. Sencha Green Tea reigns supreme in the hearts and palates of Japanese people.

100 grams (3.5 ounces)
Makes approximately 45 to 50 servings of tea